Inspired by a period of self-isolation, during the start of the covid-19, my recent works are focused on experimenting with new modes of representation and pictorial composition. Utilizing collaging techniques in addition to my signature scribbling, the works are focused on exploring human reactions in relation to their occupied space. By situating my figures in intimate, domestic spaces in contrast to earlier works characterized by expressive faces floating on an open page, I am interested in creating a broader narrative while examining the storied relationship and continuous dialogue between the figures and the spaces they occupy. 

Drawing from personal experiences an events occurring during the global lockdown, the works also serve to document and reflect the times as well as run commentary on issues from paranoia and anxiety in the face of the unexpected, gender construct and liminality to the centering and increased visibility of social justice movements here in Nigeria and around the world. In thinking about self isolation and solitude, these works serve as documentation of the various responses to these unexpected times, both within my personal space and global community.