Ayanfe Olarinde (1996) is a self-trained visual artist currently exploring scribble art and photography. In 2018, she graduated from the university of Lagos with a BSc. In Microbiology.

Her journey into art emanated from her love for scribbling, an art form bore out of imperfection on her quest for acceptance. Through this she is able to unpack her emotions in thought-provoking ways. Ayanfe’s artistic dynamism connects enthusiasts in more perspectives than one as she exploits her use of several medium including ink, paint, wire, and discarded objects in creating scribbles, doodles, sculptures, paintings, digital art, upcycled artworks, and textures for her scribbles whilst speaking on broader issues of self exploration. As an evocative artist influenced by her passage through life, her perception has evolved to include photography and mixed media collages.

In 2018, she was shortlisted for the GTBank Days of Dorcas photography contest. In 2019, she was nominated for the future awards prize for arts, and went on to win the First Bank Magic 125 Creative Contest in the same year. And in 2020, she was listed amongst the 100 Most Inspiring Women in Nigeria.

In 2019, she exhibited alongside other photographers at the 25th Bamako Encounters, Mali – OFF exhibition, and the Live-In Desires exhibition by the Goethe Institute Nigeria and The Nlele Institute. She also has had group exhibitions at SMO Contemporary Arts at the Wheatbaker, Retro Africa, AAF Lagos, Rele Gallery, Moeshen Art Gallery, and  Thoughts Pyramid to name only a few.

She is internationally recognised, “Dem Bobo”, a series evident of her growth as an artist had a reverberating impact on the global creative scene haven been published on Reuters News, CNN, Euro News, NowThisNews, Vogue, Channels, Konbini, MSN, Premium Times, Daily trust, NTA, and RADR Africa to mention but a few.

Across Ayanfe’s work, there is an implicit thematic projecting her interests in self image, identity formation, gender construct, mental health, society’s and government’s impact in her telling of untold stories. She is also known for her desire for the conceptual aspect of photography. Olarinde looks beyond the manufactured touches of photography to the idea of the medium as a product of her creative mind. She has the ability to see beyond her subject revealing deep crevices of emotions. She is critically acclaimed by pundits. At present, she’s a mentee at the Nlele institute, and also the director and curator of Unearthical, an enterprise under which she explores the fashion and fine art genres of photography. She lives and works in Lagos.