My work focuses on Liminality as a passage of regeneration (birth) or disintegration (death), a threshold of transformation. The point at which an individual/culture is no longer in a previous state but also not yet in a new state. When old ways of being no longer work but the new ways have not yet emerged.

A state of liminality is one where the usual order of things is suspended, the past is momentarily negated and the future has yet to begin. Shedding some light on how a country and global community in which long-standing structure systems and even values we took for granted are crumbling at breath taking speeds and its indirect effect to one’s threshold of transformation and passage through life.

The framework also depicts ones state of mind in which the individual stands out not only to their social positions but all social positions. These series explores the perks of being human with relation to the effects of one’s environment and individual in the complexities of today’s life, through the use of wire to show expressions and interests that portray movement and behaviour of humans.