I am one born with flaws, like everyone, an imperfect being. Art to me is a journey through that path. Scribbling is a performance in which I express. A deformed movement, through a maze called life. Its sometimes like a glimpse into divinity, It’s creating even from nothingness, it’s filling.

Emoting through the ranging thickness of my scribbling, I find harmony in jaga-jaga (crooked lines) which became a skillset forged from the heat of frustration along the path to self-discovery upon which i found my truth. I go with the idea of building/creating crooked lines into something meaningful, this was inspired on the basis of the truth and the core of our existence, that we’re all beautiful imperfections despite our flaws. Creating Harmony from disharmony and sense from nonsense. I exploit my use of several medium including ink, paint, wire, and discarded objects with which I use to make upcycled artworks, while using some to create textures for my artworks.

 I gather colossal inspiration from self image and identity, social construct, my journey through life, history and music. My background in microbiology has been of indirect influence in my artistic expression in a way that projects the unseen. 

When I was much younger, I was so devoted to mastering the art of realism. right now, it’s more about what’s real to me, what needs to be said, what’s hidden, it’s a purpose unto itself.